Born and raised in a small town in the north of Holland, I kept myself busy with collecting all sorts of things; coins, videogames, toys, the usual thing for a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s. When I got older and most of my friends stopped collecting, I found this new thing, designer clothing. My first step into collecting clobber was a Paul&Shark jacket, bought in Verona Italy. Amazed by the quality of this garment I started to buy more Paul&Shark. Soon I discovered Massimo Osti’s brands C.P Company and Stone Island and I was hooked.

Over the past 15 years, buying, selling and trading jackets I met great people with great collections and stories from all over the world. We usually have a lot of differences, but are bounded by this casual thing. We are bound by (for us) simple things. The feeling you get hunting for vintage items. Being over the moon with every addition to the collection, and looking for hours at it. Not telling your wife/girlfriend the whole truth about how much your latest purchase cost. The smell of both vintage and brand new items. Knowing where you bought it, when and for how much. Never wearing some items. The need for another jacket, and another one…

Being active collecting since the early 2000’s, when collecting was still simple, I saw things change over the years. Now you have countless platforms, social media and I believe more collectors. It’s harder to get a decent vintage item for a fair price. The hunt goes on evermore and the feeling when you score is better than ever.

The purpose for this website is not to be another ten a penny clobber selling page.
I would like to offer a selection of vintage items and items of current season collections of brands I like to wear myself.

As a collector I know how frustrating it is when vintage items are not properly described.

At Archivio85:

  • All items are described precisely.
  • All vintage items are washed or dry cleaned.
  • Any flaws will be mentioned and photographed.
  • All measurements are taken by us of the actual items.
  • No stock photos, all pics are taken by us.

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